The Yucatan Plan

It's a bit to digest and people keep wondering where we are and what the next leg is. We're in Tulum right now, with a 7 day car rental on day 2. Here's our plan from here, lets see how it goes:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday (29-31 May) - check in and out of Tulum. We've just seen the ruins in Tulum and have yet to go to the Bioreserva "Sian Kaan"

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - check in and out of Bacalar, visit the "Lagoon (or lake) of Seven Colors", so named because from certain views you can see seven shades of blue in this massive freshwater lagoon.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday - check in and out of Valladolid, most likely visit the Gran Cenote there and definitely Chichen Itza

Sunday - drive back to Cancun to drop off the car and take a bus to Merida, the kind of capital of the Yucatan, for three days. There seems to be lots to do in this vibrant sounding city.

After that it's probably a bus to somewhere in Tabasco or Palenque in Chiapas. Chiapas and Veracruz are the only states in Mexico known for their coffee, and Veracruz is known for its seafood and Veracruzano style of cooking (to me at least). Ultimately the next "can't miss" place will be Oaxaca City, Oaxaca, for the pozole, markets, mezcal and moles.

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