Chip Review: Ruffles Mega Crunch Salsa Roja

Most of the chips in this bag were already broken

I was really excited for this one; I love salsa rojas! And Ruffles is a brand we know and like. Plus any chip with that much seasoning color has got to be good!

This is not a chip I would buy again given the options out there. The roja/savory part of this was good, although not amazing. Sadly the dominate flavor on most of the chips was sour, way too sour. Kind of like lime juice but probably mostly just citric acid and generic sour flavor. This seems to be a bit of a theme in Mexican chips, they do like sour...

Meanwhile in Mexico


Adam: 2/5 - I've been snacking on them but wouldn't buy again
Melissa: 3.5/5 - I assume because she loves lime and sour

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