Comentarito: Damn, we just missed this!

1. The Noma pop-up in (near) Tulum. Last day was yesterday according to press from April. No, we wouldn't spend $1500 on dinner on this trip, that could easily be 2-3 weeks in Mexico.

2. This is the Yucatan spirit I had in my drink at the mezcaleria, Xtabuten. For sale in the liquor shops on the main street in town here.

Xtabuten, Tulum

3. The shops here are P R I C E Y. Its hard to compare a lot of things, but a few that stood out: a) postcards for 20 pesos ($1) b) swim goggles for $45 USD, c) the bottle of tequila I bought in Cancun was about 250 pesos / $12.50 USD. Here, the same bottle on a nice liquor store on the main town street was 1,700 pesos or about $85 USD.

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