Chip Review: Sabritas Stax Crema y Cebolla

Stax: Not Pringles

Let's break this one down a little bit. Sabritas seems to be the local Lays, possibly simply the Mexican branding for the same company and production chips. As Melissa put it, she wanted to try the "local brand" of chips.

Sabor means flavor or taste in Spanish, I suspect that Sabritas is a play on that. Crema y Cebolla is sour cream and onion, literally. Crema is actually Mexican sour cream, but it's much thinner than US tubs of sour cream, just barely pourable. If you've been to Chiplotle and had the giant spoon of sour cream, that's crema.

In my mind, Pringles are one of the best chips for eating on the road. Perhaps they're common on the road and packed lunches because the tube travels well, and so I associate it with that kind of eating. But it works well and these weird pressed potato saddle shaped chips just feel right when eating a cold sandwich somewhere remote.

We'd been planning to drive through the Sian Kaan bioreserve from Tulum and my plan was to get some pre-made tortas and Pringle-like chips for the road and have a nice picnic type lunch in the middle of a jungle road. It didn't work out quite like that but we got the "Pringles".

These were exactly what you'd expect from sour cream and onion Pringles, although with a bit less seasoning than I think you get in the US version. Really nothing to report here, we both love sour cream and onion and Pringles, and that's what we got.


Adam: 4/5
Melissa: 4/5

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