Chip Review: Quesabritas


This one may be extra clever: I'm not sure if its a play on "que sabrita" which would mean like "how flavorful!", or "quesa brita", which sounds like it involves cheese and brightness. Perhaps the Quesabrita marketing team is really good and they both work; my Spanish isn't strong enough to say.

Half eaten bag of "Your Snack" Quesabritas


Sadly, we had these so long ago that I barely remember. Melissa says they were amazing, like Planters Cheese Balls (are those still around?).

They were just what they looked like, cheesy little puffs like a cheese ball. It's hard to go wrong.


  • Adam: 4/5
  • Melissa: 4.5/5

1 comment:

  1. Planters made cheese balls? I mean I know those exist but I would have figured Frito Lay or something. Cheese puffs are my weakness.