Chip Review: Doritos Incógnita

Apparently Doritos are feminine, or else these would be Doritos Incógnito. Who knew?

Doritos Incógnita


I'm thinking the gimmick here is that it's a surprise flavor. That surprise seemed to be curry flavor, heavy with turmeric and other spices you'd find in a curry ramen (my least favorite type of curry, but Melissa managed to eat some of these without complaint!)

The overwhelmingly limey finish that is pervasive in Mexican chips didn't skip this one, so you have to keep eating them to taste anything but citric acid and corn for a while. I bought these at a gas station food stop halfway between Oaxaca and Mexico City, so we had some questionable room temp cemitas with mayonnaise to chase down the lime and corn.

Overall, interesting but can't touch a normal Nacho Cheesier red bag of Doritos.


  • Adam: 2/5
  • Melissa: 2/5

1 comment:

  1. They're not feminine. The word incóngita isn't describing Doritos but the flavor.
    Doritos Nacho (being nacho a masculine word that describes jalapeño and cheese flavor)
    Incógnita by itself means unknown, inquiry or question. No one really knows what the actual flavor is so it's unknown. Doritos unknown (flavor)