Comentarito: British lemonade

Comentario is Spanish for a comment or observation, so based on my crude understanding of the language I will call tiny updates comentarito.

While hanging out at the CancĂșn hostel, we got into a conversation with a Brit, an Australian, and a Kiwi about "lemonade". See for the latter two, lemonade and Sprite are the same thing, i.e. Sprite is called lemonade.

The Brits also called Sprite lemonade, but had never heard of what we called lemonade. At first he insisted it was the second thing, but when I explained that it's just lemon and not carbonated, it was unfathomable. He kept repeating "It's not fizzy...?"

We thought we knew a lot of the naming differences between the English speaking countries but this one shocked us all.

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