Chip Review: Big Foot

"Big Foot" by Holiday Snacks out of Trinidad and Tobago.
The giant size cheese snack

One of the most interesting things about travel to me is the differences in the mundane things that you never really read about in travel literature or hear about in food-based travel shows. Especially breakfast: even if your city has great restaurants for every kind of cuisine, you don't typically have a chance to eat what people in other countries have for breakfast.

Soft drinks, chips and other snacks are also fascinating samples of a different culture that it's hard to obtain by any means other than travel. I don't drink many soft drinks, but I am usually delighted to find and try chips from around the world.

Big Foot Spicy

Texture is almost exactly like the fat american cheetos, or cheese balls, nothing new.

The seasoning on these is pretty good and kind of light; compared to an american chip you'd think this missed a bunch of seasoning in the factory. It's got a bit of heat that builds as you plow through a bag, some nice tangy-ness and a rich red chili taste. A bit like the Japanese chili sauce I've had on ramen: rayu.

Adam ranking: 3/5
Melissa ranking: 4/5

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