Chip Reviews: Crujitos and Submarinos Choco Bun


Crujiente means crispy in Spanish, so these means something like "little crispies".


They were actually a huge departure from most Mexican chips, and a welcome one. They have the shape of thick fusilli, and as the name suggests they are crunchy (what chip isn't?). We ate this as our late night snack while watching the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones on our travel laptop, so thank you to Crujitos for being there for that special moment!

The bag advertised queso and chile and I suppose I got that. I thought the flavor was kind of mild, not nearly as salty and flavor powder drenched as Cheetos. It's basically your standard "orange" chip flavor but with a bit of chipotle tang as well.

Because they don't make you compulsively eat more like many chips, they're kind of forgettable, but maybe that's a good quality in a chip? Seems like less of a health risk anyway.


  • Adam: 3.5/5
  • Melissa: 4/5

Bonus snack: Submarinos Choco Bum

This was a sweet snack supplement to our Game of Thrones chips. I have a soft (spongy?) spot for Twinkies so naturally I can't pass up a chocolate Mexican Twinkie.

I had hoped that since these were refrigerated they'd be a fresher and more "natural" tasting than Twinkies. They were but not: the bread was bone dry (better than "Twinkie greasy"), and while the chocolate cream filling was good there wasn't nearly enough of it. I didn't feel any better after eating these than I would after Twinkies either.

These came in a three pack; I tried one at the bus station where I bought it so I'd have a bite cold, as intended. But it didn't make any difference when I ate the other two at room temp a few hours later. Although edible, there's really no reason to ever buy Submarinos again unless it's the only sweet snack available or I really need a Twinkie taste.


  • Adam: 1/5
  • Melissa: 1/5

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