One month update

We left from JFK on May 10th, making June 10th (a week ago!) the end of our first month on the road. This is a milestone for us because right now we're both officially on the longest trip of our lives. Melissa had previously spent 3 weeks visiting Colombia and Seattle, and my longest was one month in Japan, Thailand, and Cambodia. Even if we went home this week it would be the biggest trip of our lives.

I think we're adjusting to being on the road a bit better, and moreso we're learning what works for us and what doesn't and growing to accept that. We meet backpackers who say they're "only" traveling for another 10 months, with a budget of $25 a day, and don't feel quite as bad about our endurance and spending as we used to. We're slowing down a bit and spending more time at places that we like, exploring deeper and getting to know the cities better.

Despite the claims above, as of today we've been on the move non-stop for six days without a down day. We have a lot of blogging to catch up on, since last Saturday we've: driven to cenotes outside Merida, flew to San Cristobal, done the San Cristobal (5 hour!) free walking tour, done the Sumidero Canyon tour, and now two days of nearly endless driving to Palenque and back.

We've been in San Cristobal since Monday and haven't had a chance to really explore this city on our own so we've extended our stay here for a few more days and are considering staying much longer to learn Spanish. We're currently at the "top hostel" in San Cristobal, which has won awards as the #2 Hostel in North America in recent years, but the WiFi is not strong so video editing and blog posting is coming slowly. We hope to find a coffee and chocolate cafe in town with strong WiFi to upload a lot of phone and GoPro videos.

More detailed updates to come, thanks to everyone following and commenting, we'll try to keep up the blog posts!


  1. We are just catching up - it's been a week since we,vet checked in - and there is plenty to read!
    Glad you are extending your time in places to really explore things or places of interest. We love leaning about them!

  2. Mom/Dad! I expect better from you than just checking in once a week, especially when I told you we'd posted a bunch :).

    Two more posts are written, still struggling with uploading those pictures though.