Chip Review: "Tostitos Salsa Verde"

These were some of the best local Mexican chip flavors I've had so far.

A classic salsa verde usually has fire roasted tomatillos (roasting really changes the flavor in this case), a green chile like Serrano and cilantro. This bag had all of those components featured prominently on the front.

Like some of the other local chips, the corn flavor is pronounced in these chips. However it's not totally dominant and the flavor powder does get a chance to assert itself. I can't say that this tasted exactly like salsa verde, or even really close to that. The lingering flavor reminds me a bit of cool ranch doritos.

The flavor, whatever it ended up tasting like, was pretty good, and addictive. Overall I ended up liking these a fair bit, and they weren't super sour like many here!


Adam: 4/5
Melissa: 4/5

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