Chip Review: Takis

We originally bought these chips within the first couple of days of being in Mexico, but they were in our backpack when we went to the baseball game and we were not allowed to bring any food or drink into the stadium, so they were confiscated at security.  However, we saw them all over the place and bought another bag to try out.

Very, very limey flavor.  Strong, good chile flavor as well, and they kinda became addictive because if you were eating them, the flavor was excellent, but once you stopped, the lime flavor was incredibly overpowering as an aftertaste.  We had these on our roadtrip around the Yucatan, and they were reasonably easy to eat while driving as well.

Melissa: 3 out of 5
Adam: 4 out of 5

**I am having a hard time finding the picture.

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