It Feels Like We're Posting A LOT So Far...

I know that will change as we get more into the groove, but right now, we're averaging a post a day.  Granted it's only three days so far, but still.  Adam stole the blog for a few days, my turn now!  Side note: going to recommend that anyone who is only following me on Instagram follow Adam as well.  We've mostly been using his phone for pictures, which means his Instagram account gets the photos (hi mom!  that's in response to your text).

We wandered down to one of the public beaches here yesterday afternoon, and I had pretty much decided I wanted a lazy beach day for Friday.  We woke up pretty early, had a pretty good breakfast, and started talking to some people staying here about Ocho Rios and Jamaica in general.  We decided to go with a group of people to the Blue Hole (NOT the famous one in Belize!), an area with tons of, well, holes, with clear, cool spring water, waterfalls, and gorgeous scenery.  It was incredible!  We took a slight detour, as our taxi driver took us to the wrong spot, but it was only about a 15 minute walk from where he dropped us to where we needed to be - and well, since Jamaica is pretty warm, the pools felt amazing.  At this point, the GoPro kept giving Adam error messages, but it decided to start working a bit later, so we were able to get some good shots (thanks, Denise and Mark!).

Blue Hole

It was gorgeous!

Our group

"Romantic pose" the guide said.  Kinda difficult when water is splashing you constantly!

Water was so refreshing!

The first pool was a baby one, only a small little jump so we were cooled down for the longer walk to the rest of them.  Our guides, Shane and Ariel, were awesome!  Clearly locals, they had grown up there and were climbing around the rocks, falls, and trees like only someone who started doing that at three could do.  We jumped from rocks 20 feet into the water, walked down the falls on a rope, and swung off a rope into the pools.  I decided to try and do a back flip from the rope, but bailed halfway through - Adam got the video and you can see the exact moment when i change my mind.  Kinda ended up being a back dive, but it didn't hurt, so that was good.

Flip!  Flip!  Flip!  Or, just fall.

Videos and pics are uploading - I'll update this post later.
*Updated with photos on November 6 while in San Diego.

So now we're back, and I'm typing this while in a hammock.  I'll get my beach day another time.  Life is pretty okay right now.

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