Endings and Beginnings

So here we are.  It'd been an idea we'd thrown around for probably close to a year.  Leave NYC, travel, see the world (or hemisphere, more likely).  It's pretty amazing that it's actually here. Telling our landlords in early March that we wouldn't be renewing; discussing where to go and what we wanted to see; making sure we had vaccines; quitting our jobs.  Each step brought us closer to leaving, and on May 10, we head to Jamaica to relax, explore, and ease into our new adventure.  I feel pretty fortunate to have a partner who values experiences as much as I do.  While I can't say I'm not scared to just leave everything for the next six months or so, I'm obviously excited to not have responsibilities or commitments for the next few months.  As some people know, I typically do a book after each trip I take so that I can remember what I saw and experienced; since this trip will be a bit longer, I figured this would be a better way for me to document it (Adam has already volunteered to do the food posts).

There's more out there than just NYC - we're going to go find it.


  1. Im going to try to comment again; hopefully this will work!
    We (Tony and I) are so excited for you and Adam! Wishing you safe travels and amazing experiences as you journey into parts unknown (to you anyway)! Looking forward to reading future blogs! ����